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What photographers,
directors, production
companies and
agencies look for
in a makeup artist
On top of the exceptional formal makeup training mentioned on Colette's training
and resume page, she has a strong business background that attracts many clients.
Worked with Canadian Magazines in production,
mastering the art & science of colour--press proofed
pages against colour keys and instructed on colour adjustments. With courses in interior design also, am quick to custom-blend colouron a shoot or at events.
8 years as a writer and media relations consultant for the health department--developed knowledge in
nutrition, skin care, hygiene and disease spread, to offer clients safe makeup application and practices.
University degree in Anthropology--studied the structure of the human face with its valleys and peaks, and placement of bones and muscle. Gave me an artist's eye on how to contour, highlight and shade to bring out or diminish certain features.
Taught media relations and advertising at an Ontario college for 2 years. Developed the presentation and poise needed to teach and share knowledge. Can train individuals and groups in the art of makeup application.Am at ease with platform presentations and makeup demonstrations.
As a public relations advisor for one of Canada's largest hospitals, responded to crisis and on-the-spot media interviews for publicly charged and hot topic issues. Am at ease with quick paces on a fashion site and calm in the face of high demands and change.
A communications and advertising expert for more than a decade gives me the composure and decorum to work with high profile business, advertising, political and celebrity clients.
Wrote TV, radio and print advertising for 8 years--hired photographers, actors, and oversaw and art directed the final product--am familiar with the protocol on film sets and in studios.
A corporate career spanning 13 years, makes me
an established professional, well versed with the
importance of punctuality and reliability on all assign-
ments. Quick to pinpoint client needs and communicate in an educated manner with clarity and finesse.