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makeup artist books
makeup artist books
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New package will help
you start your
freelance business!
Be a makeup artist
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No need to create your own business documents; get
the forms already written for you--invoices, quote
sheets, bridal contracts, rate sheets, facecharts and
more. All this will now be found in one
information-package, never before available to help
new makeup artists start a freelance career.
The information that all new makeup artists have been waiting for!
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I know how to apply makeup..I do it for friends and weddings. I just need to know how to get started with the business end of it!
"I just got out of makeup school and  have no clue how to get do I build a portfolio of photos?"
What's in the
makeup artist
Bookmark this artist and award-winning writer, Colette Cormier, has put years into this 13-chapter book. She has left no stone unturned in creating the ultimate guide to making it as a freelance makeup artist in the fashion, commercial and bridal business.
Details soon....
"Thousands of you have written; I know it's taking time but I'm glad; the industry has changed so much. You'll want the most updated information possible on this exciting career."
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