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Wedding Makeup Checklist
At the end of 2008, Colette completed a random survey of dozens and dozens of her brides to unveil their top concerns when
booking a professional makeup artist for their big day.
Final results left her shocked at how the makeup artist profession under delivers to these crucial clients. See for yourself the comparisons below between the elite and detailed services of Colette and most other artists. What Colette unearthed are bride's top complaints about their makeup experiences as former bridesmaids, with other makeup trials, or in talking to fellow brides. Their honest comments will truly open the eyes of future brides. This survey has become the cornerstone of Colette's chats with brides to help them create their own service check-list when interviewing makeup artists.
offers the latest airbrushing technique
doesn't charge more for airbrushing
no extra charge to start before 6 am.
offers lashes for free
bridal trials last at least 2.5 hours
doesn't charge bride if she has to pay
parking at wedding venue
gives all of the bridal party some
lipstick to reapply all day and night
sends skin-care and product information
to help prepare for the day
charges only $75 to hold the wedding
date, regardless of the number of faces
l"I like that I had an option of doing my
trial at my own home or at Colette's
makeup studio"
takes several photos at trials and emails
them in both colour and black and white
and also brings the photos to the wedding
consults on eyebrow shaping at the trial.
"She actually took my trial photo and
fixed my brows on her computer
the way they should be groomed so I could
take the picture to a salon to guide my
books only one wedding per day
booking contract is flexible, allowing
brides to change the number of faces
right up until the night before the wedding
requiring only a 2-face minimum booking
is a full-time makeup artist, accessible
7 days a week, any time of the day for
bookings; no time is too early or late--
"I was surprised to get 3 a.m. emails!"
"is really thorough, sending me
information on her services. It took only
one email to get my questions answered"
is certified and graduated top of her class from one of North America's most coveted
makeup artistry programs, drawing
students from around the world
uses professional grade products
colour-corrected for photography and
suited to a camera's flash. Ensures that
these top-of-the-line, hard to find
products last up to 16 hours. Also spares
no expense, opting for makeup from many different companies, ensuring unbiased offerings and the best products
"Was early for my wedding. All other
service people were late. She told me she
sets 2 alarms and leaves 45 minutes earlier than needed"
is a known expert in makeup for weddings
recognized and interviewed by media, and
writing for publications on makeup artistry
as well as hired for advertising campaigns
for wedding gowns.
"I like that she is versatile and trained in
the fashion industry, TV and other media,
because I know she was using techniques
that celebs get for the red carpet; she
knew a lot about  photography and video---
makeup for a lens"
"Colette stayed at my house to make
sure my bridesmaids and all got refreshed lips after snacks. She even has rescued me, applying the veil, after my hairstylist left early for another wedding"
is a non-smoker and non-coffee drinker; hands are fresh and steady!
has worked with celebrities, successfully
priming her to work with the most
demanding and particular clients
doesn't do the same makeup on all of
the wedding party; keeps the colours in
harmony but creates a look to suit the
individual needs of each face
is a creative problem solver; a bride
whose yellow spray tan was too unnatural
for existing foundations to work, was
thrilled when Colette scraped some yellow
eyeshadow into the formula to achieve the
exact match
"she brings all her own equipment,
including tables and a chair for us
all--she even brought a light that creates
daylight, which was great because we got
ready in the basement"
"I love that Colette has so many photos
on her website that show work on all
different ethnic skin-types."
hard to find artists who airbrush
charge extra for early morning starts
charge $10 or more per face for lashes
makeup trials are usually only 1 hour
ask bride to take care of parking or charge
it to their hotel room
may give the bride some lip colour but tell
the rest of the wedding party to bring their
own lip gloss to freshen later
once brides book with their artist, they often don't hear back from them until the wedding day
usually require bride to pay up to 50% of the
final wedding day price, before the wedding
expect brides come to them for trials
so they can schedule one bride after another
leaving no time for extra makeup adjustments
when brides want changes
may take photos but don't always email them
to the bride and rarely print them out to bring
on the wedding day to know how to recreate
the look
"few makeup artists even pay attention to
brows on the wedding day! When I was
looking at artists' online portfolios, there
was nothing done to brows...just a mess!"
book more than one wedding per day, often
rushing out before the bride expects, leaving
the wedding party with no final touchups
need to know numbers several months in
advance because they often want to book
another wedding on the same day or have
a 4-face minimum booking
send short notes listing pricing or whether
they are available but it takes many emails
back and forth to get all the details on how
their trial and wedding services work
many artists have other part-time or full-time
jobs to supplement their struggling artistry
business; their trial times and overall
accessibility is limited
those who do airbrush, charge extra
many are self-taught or took a weekend or
several-hour course taught by a cosmetics
company whose focus is on sales and skin-
careand not techniques for a professional
many stock their kits with free makeup they
get from companies they worked for, offering
only one brand; using only mass consumer
products means problems with flash
photography or not enough pigments
to address skin issues or to last all day
"the makeup artist for my brother's wedding
was late because she stopped for coffee, then breathed coffee breath on all the people she worked on!" (common complaint from brides)
"I didn't see many media interviews or
press stuff on other artist's websites so
I'm not sure they are even known in
the artist community to be an expert."
work only with brides and often use a
mass consumer approach with limited
know-how on how to bring the Hollywood
styles brides see in fashion magazines, to life on camera
usually leave as soon as all the faces are
done, and because most don't style hair
also, can't help with final hair crises
many artists smoke, leaving nicotine-stained
hands that smell when working so close
to the face; and coffee drinkers can be
unsteady in their precision due to caffeine
few have encounted a celebrity nor have
the years of experience professionally to
hold up to high pressure demands and
changing schedules
brides complain of many artists just putting
purple eyeshadow on every bridesmaid
because they are all wearing purple dresses!
"when I was a bridesmaid, I had a spray tan,
which made my skin golden. The makeup
artist used foundation that was too pink;
she told me my skin was too fake and there
was nothing she could do. I then washed off
the makeup I had just paid for"
"the makeup artist used my cousin's kitchen
table at her wedding & scratched it with her
cases. Put us in bad lighting too, so the
makeup didn't match our skin when we
saw it in brighter lighting"
"don't have photos online that show all
different cultural backgrounds or even
have photos large enough to see any of
the makeup"

A fair and unbiased wedding makeup artist review wouldn't be complete without sharing bride's comments on how they wanted more from Colette's services.                               And here they are:

"I was disappointed that Colette wasn't available to do the wedding. She books really far in advance. Many brides are just starting to look for artists when she is already booked so I never had a chance."
"I was hoping to have Colette do all 8 faces for my wedding party but we just didn't have enough time because we had an early ceremony and had hair to get done too."
"I really really wanted Colette to do my makeup for my engagement photos too but she was already booked. I got her for the wedding but I didn't get the same high quality makeup for my engagement photos."
"I was disappointed that Colette doesn't syle hair for weddings too. It would have been nice to have one person do both. But I know it's specialized because many hair salons I talked to won't do weddings either."
"I had Colette do my makeup as a bridesmaid in a past wedding but couldn't book her for my own wedding because I was getting married out of the country and couldn't afford to take her with me. I wish there was a better-priced travelling plan for her services."