Airbrush makeup calls for an expert makeup artist; specially trained for events like weddings! Toronto & GTA

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Airbrush makeup for weddings toronto
It's been the best kept secret of top film and TV
artists, yet it's now offered to you. TV hosts and actors
will tell you that airbrush makeup gives them flawless, real skin, and is one of the best choices for makeup that will be captured by a lens. With filming going high definition, and photography now digital, every facial line & spot can be seen, unless makeup catches up to the changing medium. And it's done just that. But not all artists offer this miracle finish to personal clients such as brides-- Colette does.

Airbrush FAQ

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by Colette
What is airbrush foundation?
Airbrush makeup is a liquid makeup sprayed on the face to create an even complexion. The sprayer is a pen-like nozzle, with a tiny opening that sprays a microscopic mist of small dots and dashes. It is powered by a small compressor. This makeup leaves the face like true, healthy skin.

Why would I choose airbrush foundation instead of traditional?
Airbrush foundations were designed to address the changing technology in television and photography that have made image clarity so precise that our final face reveals more than we want... blemishes, sun damage, birth marks, scars and more. Also, many mass-market foundations have ingredients that create a ďflash-backĒ effect when photographed, so the face pops out ashy-white compared to the rest of the body. All of these problems are well addressed with an airbrush foundation.

Does it cost more if I choose airbrush makeup?
No, I donít charge extra for airbrushing, although some other artists do.

Can anyone wear this makeup?

I have used the airbrush foundation on all skin types with great success.
Whatís in the airbrush makeup?
The answer to that depends on the brand of foundation the artist uses. I use one that was developed by Kett Cosmetics in New York.  It was designed and tested in front of film, TV and photography with input from film experts, photographers, video engineers, makeup artists and clients. Kett foundations are odorless, waterbased with glycerin to hydrate, silica to absorb excess oils, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, blendable, breathable and irritation-free.
Does airbrush makeup last all day?
Setting the airbrush makeup with my special powder is key! It's a translucent finish that helps the final face withstand the heat, cold, sweat. Makeup lasts for different amounts of time depending on skin type. Oily skin will challenge a makeupís wear more quickly than other skin types but Iíve always had success with even oily-skinned clients. This makeup should last longer than any other on the market when applied by an expert trained properly to prepare your skin and apply this technique.

Why donít all artists use airbrush makeup?
Many artists may not work in different areas of makeup such as television, magazines, fashion shows and other jobs that call for better makeup application to suit filming and photographic equipment. If they only work with private clients, they may just provide mass market brands. Also the airbrush systems are the most expensive makeup systems to carry and they require added training to learn how to use them well. But I feel that private clients should get the best makeup in the industry-the finish that photographers love.
Airbrush Makeup....the must-have finish  to keep up with the famous!